Going on a Long Flight without Knowing These Things Can be a Mistake

When you are traveling to places that are thousands of miles away from you, the traveling does not have to be taken lightly. Long flights require full preparation to ensure both safety and comfort. The first thing you have to keep in mind is that you will be sitting in a seat for many hours—maybe 10 or 12 hours or even more. You can’t just keep sitting and expect your journey to be over. Time passed sleeping during a long flight is the best time. To get comforting naps during your flight, carry a neck pillow and lumbar support.

In addition to these items, you should also have your noise canceling ear buds with you. Do not wear just any socks instead go for compression socks for your travel. Since you can’t expect yourself to be sleeping throughout the flight, you will have to manage your time that you will spend awaken. Bring your tablet or smartphone fully charged with you. If possible, carry extra battery packs or power banks to keep your mobile devices charged. Make sure you have your favorite songs and movies on your devices to keep you entertained.  When on the plane, you should also consider standing up, stretching your legs and walking a few steps every now and then.

When it comes to what to wear, it is best that you wear a loose dress to avoid the discomfort during the flight. The longer the flight the more discomforting your tight clothes will be. If sitting empty and doing nothing often switches on the creative side of your brain, bring a notebook with you to write some poetry, lyrics or draw some sketches. And most important of all, prepare for the jet lag if you are traveling from east to west or west to east. Serious jet lag can upset your stomach, disturb you mentally and torment you physically.

Here’s a HealthIQ quiz that should help you know more about jet lag and how to prepare for it before your long flights. You can also visit HealthIQ.com to access even more diversified and interesting quizzes.